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What we do

What we do

We create spaces for Humans to be... Human!

What we do

Earth Skills Gatherings

Our seasonal Earth Skills Gathering are held on beautiful rainforest surrounded private property on the Central Coast. 

An opportunity to Immerse within the ancient living practises of our land-based ancestors.

We as a species have been living in the bush for 99% of human history!

This wild life-style has shaped us on every level, so to live disconnected from the natural world causes suffering on a physical, mental and spiritual level. 

Let's rediscover our ancient roots and allow these Indigenous relationships to nourish us as individuals and communities once again.

We teach various Ancestral Skills and Bushcraft at these gatherings

providing experiential learning and connecting with the natural world. A beautiful place to be a part of the wild village.

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Our Mission

Wild Beings run a range of Nature connection programs centred around ancestral living skills inspiring a more "back to basics" lifestyle where humans are once again living in connection with the natural world. We are passionate about creating cultural change through these nature based experiences and are building a regenerative future for humans and the land. Our focus is not only on re-wilding culture but re-wilding the land that has suffered due to modern living practises.

Our mission is to connect people with themselves on a deeper level through connecting with local ecology and learning how to build relationship with the land and its myriad of medicines, foods and uses. Through learning how to identify certain foods, medicines and useful plants, suddenly the bush doesn't feel so seperate and scary but a place we can call home. This is our mission, to create spaces for people to feel at home in the bush once again. 


Womens Rewilding Gatherings

Womens ReWilding Gatherings are held twice yearly on private land on the Central Coast 

These gatherings are a beautiful opportunity for women to have a camping experience, getting back to basics, slowing down to bush time, learning various bushcraft skills that bring you into a deeper relationship with your local ecology.

We offer a range of wild crafts such as fire by friction, weaving with natural materials, wild foods and medicines, bird language and natural cordage making. Infused with the skills in the natural village like atmosphere that weaves its magic through everyones nervous systems as we become fully immersed in the present. These Womens Gatherings are a much needed opportunity to step out of the fast pace of modern life and into deep time with other women and nature 

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Bushcraft & Rewilding Lessons for kids

Wild Beings offer bushcraft programs to schools and home schooling groups throughout the Central Coast, Sydney and The Hunter.

These lessons include teaching various hands on bushcraft skills such as making rope with bark/plants, making fire by friction, useful and edible plant walks and various weaving methods. These practical skills are infused with the values of land conservation & how to connect with nature. 



"I thoroughly enjoyed the Wild Beings Ancestral Skills Gathering.  The location was absolutely stunning, and we were hosted by a passionate and highly skilled team.  

Not only did I learn new skills such as celestial navigation, flint knapping, basket weaving and pottery, but I was able to connect with what it means to live in community with our human tribe. Thank you Wild Beings for a beautiful experience!"

Daniel Potter

"The Wild Beings Ancestral Skills Gathering that we attended in April was a wonderful event. Eva, Caitlin, and Will were warm and very welcoming. The facilitators of the activities were extremely knowledgeable and skilled, and there was a relaxed flow to the weekend that left us feeling revitalized, even though we learned so many new skills. There was a variety of activities for each of the family and an opportunity to meet new friends. We felt held by the stunning country that we were able to gather on and were appreciative of the space created by Eva and the Wild Beings crew. We would highly recommend future Wild Beings Gatherings to people of all ages and backgrounds. Thanks again for the chance to reconnect, revitalize and learn some new skills, we had a wonderful time."

Maiki-Jane Blakeney

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We pay our respects to past present and emerging Indigenous peoples of the places we sleep, eat, sing, dance and learn on. We acknowledge that we stand on the shoulders of giants and that these life ways belong to unbroken lineages that have been rooted in the land. 

We are in awe and deep reverence of the oldest living Culture on Earth found here on our home soils. 

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