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Meet the Humans

Clay Hungerford

Clay has bloodlines connected to Gamilaroi & Wiradjuri lands and is a proud sharer of his Cultural knowledge. Having spent the last decade learning Culture and Lore from various uncles and aunties across the country, He has been given culture and lore to hold on to and share by the Ngiyampaa people of barkinji country. He is a cultural educator working with local Aboriginal group Girra Girra teaching story, song, skills and dance in schools and throughout the community. Clay frequently goes on week long immersions into the bush to connect with country and the old stories of the land, bringing forth an embodiment of the wild.


Will Bettison

Youth worker, permaculturalist and bush craft/rewilding educator. Will has been using knowledge from these facets to create ways of living that place us in harmonic association with the ecology of our local land. It is Will’s mission to help people to Re-wild, re-generate, and re-integrate themselves into their local ecology. Will does this through co-facilitating rewilding gatherings/events with Wild Beings, teaching an array of rewilding skills with ecological context, consideration, and with a sense of reciprocity. Some of these skills include, wild bush foods and medicines, fire by friction, cordage making & natural fibre retting, wood carving, animal hide tanning, and shelter building. Will also co-facilitates family camps with Wildcraft Australia, teaches bushcraft and rewilding in schools and brings bushcraft and rewilding skills into a therapeutic setting with disadvantaged youth.


Eva Angophora

Founder of Wild Beings, barefoot wanderer Eva has spent the most part of the last 5 years living outside in various wild locations, learning and practising living skills such as primitive fire, natural tanning, leatherwork, animal processing/using the whole animal, weaving, natural rope making, wild foods foraging and bird identification. Passionate about sharing a more connected wholesome culture and providing spaces where people can connect with the Old Ways and incorporate more of these skills and practises into their lifestyle choices that lead to connection & a more empowered way of self sufficiencyEva is a Bushcraft educator working in schools and facilitator of Ancestral Skill Sharing Gatherings, rewilding  workshops, wilderness immersions and women's rewilding gatherings through Wild Beings, co-facilitating alongside Wildcraft Australia for their seasonal family village camps.

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