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Wild Beings Story- The Path Ahead

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Wild Beings was founded in 2020 by Eva. Initially beginning as a passion project in response to the lack of connection in modern society from our wild roots and the yearning for a more connected existence.

After living in various wilderness locations since 2017, I felt compelled to share this natural life style and all the healing that comes with it to the wider community.

This way of living not only benefits us on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, but benefits the land as we learn how to live more and more with the land, we rely less on larger corperations that mono crop and destroy the earth for our food needs. This is true empowerment through knowing how to provide for yourself and those around you, even just having basic knowledge on medicinal plants, roots and berries that are edible and finding water goes a long way. Living this way builds connection and relationship with the land and a deeper part of being human that has been forgotten in modern culture.

Clay, Will and Myself lived in a bush camp for 7 months alongside our friend Emma. Our swags were our bedrooms, every activity was done outside. Preparing food, cooking on the fire, pooing

in a bucket that was later turned into fertile compost for the soil. During this season of living 100% outside, we developed a need to get better at these bushcraft skills we were passionate about, where there is a need the drive to learn is stronger. Practising fire by friction, cordage making, foraging, butchering and skinning became part of our normal lives. As our knowledge deepened so did our values to share these natural earth based living skills with the wider community.

The intention of Wild Beings is to educate people on how to build relationship with their local eco system well enough to provide for themselves and get to know the land on an intimate level.

Clay, is a First Nations man and he brings a deep element of cultural connection into our gatherings. This is essential in learning ancient earth skills, for if you just focus on the skills without the connection, you are missing the entire point. We are in awe of the oldest culture on earth here in Australia and have so much to learn about the Old Ways of the land and its people.

The nature of this foundation is to provide connection to the land in whatever way that may be, to provide education on skills that empower self sufficiency/natural living practises and lead to relationships being formed with the local eco system.

We believe in the value of these teachings in a world that is so sick, mentally, physically and spiritually sick. This is our service to healing and health of the land and the people.

Thanks for being apart of it!

Eva Angophora

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