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Re-discovering our ancient roots

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Re-connect with nature

Wild Beings runs programs and workshops sharing skills and practises that re-connect.

Focusing on Ancestral Skills, Bushcraft and Nature Connection, our gatherings core intentions are to create a culture that is based around land-based living. 

We are a group of dedicated Rewilders that see the value of reconnecting people with their wild roots and giving them the skills to live more self sufficiently with the land .

Wild Beings - Wild Women Retreat 31_edited_edited.jpg
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Re-wild yourself    

Some of the skills we teach:

Traditional Animal Tanning Methods


Wild Ferments


Bird ID 

Fire by friction

Weaving + Basketry with foraged fibres  

Bone tools 

Harvesting natural materials      

Primitive Pottery

Natural building methods  

Spoon Carving 

Animal Processing; nose to tail eating    

Shelter Building​

Edible and medicinal wild plants        

Ancestral Health 

Overnight bush immersions   


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